Photo: Jon Shapley

Jailhouse Jeopardy

In a review of disciplinary actions at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation by the Houston Chronicle found a pattern of inmate brutalization, as well as abuse of authority and attempted cover-ups by jail guards. Court records show jailers seldom faced criminal charges even in cases where they used excessive force. The findings follow a June 2009 report by the Justice Department, which concluded after its own yearlong investigation that inmates’ constitutional protections had been violated by excessive violence and by substandard medical care that led to an “alarming” number of prisoner deaths. The Justice Department has taken no public action since then despite what records show are similar instances of unreported beatings, inmate deaths and medical neglect.

Harsh Treatment

From June 2013 to August 2014, Lauren worked on and off for Medill Watchdog, a public accountability and investigative journalism project formerly associated with Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. Overseen by Medill Watchdog director Rick Tulsky, a Pulitzer-winning investigative journalist, Lauren worked with a team of interns on Harsh Treatment, a year-long, national examination of residential treatment centers serving troubled youth. As part of the project, Lauren completed a five-day reporting trip to Michigan during the summer of 2013 and a three-day reporting trip to Ohio during the summer of 2014. The investigation relied on extensive public records requests and documents, interviews, original reporting, and data sets. The Harsh Treatment project was conducted in collaboration with the Chicago Tribune.

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In March 2015, Medill Watchdog’s work won for Online In-Depth Reporting in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Region 5 Mark of Excellence Awards.